Bend Studio’s new open-world game Days Gone is one of my most anticipated games, and not just for the hordes of uncountable zombies, although it didn’t hurt it any.


In this version of the undead apocalypse, the zombies are called Freakers, which fits, because those gameplay videos freak me out. Not only do you have to worry about endless undead waves of zombies but they’ve added a new danger, ‘zombie-wildlife’.

Bears, wolves, and other wildlife are just as likely to become zombies as humans, great, as if you didn’t already have enough to worry about. You’ll play as Deacon, who is just trying to survive in a world that’s been devastated by the outbreak. It should be fairly easy in an open world game surrounded by the undead, zombie wildlife, and humans who are trying to kill you at every turn, right?

Sony’s E3 2017 demo of “Days Gone” showed off the variability of gameplay. First off, Freakers are everywhere in this huge and dangerous world and sound can be your enemy, or your friend when you’re playing. You can use it to your advantage and blow a hole in part of the fence surrounding an enemy camp, and the dead will rush to it and start taking care of your enemies for you.

The developers at Sony Computer Entertainment Bend Studios also showed how you can approach the same mission in a completely different fashion. Are you a fan of more stealthy attacks? You can have Deacon quietly infiltrate the encampment and take out enemies using close-quarters combat.

If you’re anything like me, ‘quiet’ may not be ‘your style’. But be warned, once the gunfire starts, enemies are alerted as well as anything in that area. You can even pick up and reposition traps and lure enemies to them, or unchain captured freakers to cause a distraction or to get away.

Days Gone reminds me a lot of Daryl from The Walking Dead, out on his own in this open-world genre, and armed only with his chopper and a few weapons. I love the fact that the chopper requires fuel, and that if the bike runs out of gas you are stuck and on foot until Deacon finds some. Bend Studios said the bike would remain wherever it’s left, so you don’t have to run and ‘Get to the Chopper!”

screen shot 2017-06-12 at 102730 pm

Another great feature is that there are day and night cycles in this world as well as its own weather systems. This game is a fresh new look…looking thru the eyes of the living, looking into the many eyes of the dead. Days Gone will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS4 Pro, and no release date has been set as of yet. If you are a zombie fan this game has to be at the top of your list when it does get a street date, and I’ll tease you with one last thing…”zombie-bear”.





‘Metro Exodus’ Won’t Be Open-World, But Is A Move In The Right Direction

Metro Exodus premiered at E3 earlier this week and was one of the events surprise highlights for Metro fans. Developer 4A Games’ Metro series executive producer Jon Block revealed that while the game offers “sandbox survival”, linear storytelling is still vital to the franchise.

“First and foremost we’re not moving away from the classic linear Metro gameplay,” Bloch told PCGamesN. “We still have that, but what we’re doing with this new gameplay is more like sandbox survival.”

“There’s large levels that offer a lot more freedom, they’re non-linear, but we will have a story wrapped into them,” Bloch explained. “So the story will carry through across the non-linear and linear levels.”

The Metro series always does a great job portraying its post-apocalyptic Russian setting and engaging storyline. Running in true 4K on the Xbox One X, this game is nothing short of beautiful, and truly marks a major paradigm-shift in console gaming. Metro Exodus is due for release in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s ‘The Frozen Wilds’ Expansion Looks Amazing

If you can’t get enough of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and somehow managed to not catch up on E3 yet, then your day is about to get a whole lot-of-awesome. The game will get its first DLC called ‘The Frozen Wilds‘ and it looks beautiful.


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of this year’s biggest games, and easily the best-looking title Guerrilla Games has ever produced. The story is beyond epic and now with the new DLC announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds at E3, players can once again take on new enemies and challenges in the frigid winter setting.

You can pre-order the DLC on the PlayStation Network now for $14.99 (with a PlayStation Plus Membership), a savings of 25% and guarantees that you will be ready to start your new adventure on day one of its release.

This is one of the few titles where as long as they keep making DLC’s, then I’ll keep on buying them. It really is an amazing game, and not like when I told my brother his brisket was amazing…no, I actually mean this. And, if my brother is reading this, then the voices in my head made me say that…no, it was just the brisket.

Sony Starts Their Pre-E3 Press Conference Today At 6PM Pacific Time

The PlayStation 4 Pro may be getting a price cut tonight as the company digs in to go head-to-head with the new Xbox One X. Sony has had the edge since the first PS4 rolled out as far as power and graphics, so it will be interesting to see how Sony responds tonight now that it is clear that Microsoft has closed that gap, and taking gaming to a new level on consoles.

We’ll also hear more about games like Days Gone, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and hopefully an update on The Last Of Us 2. We’re also hoping to hear more about PlayStation PS VR with possibly some new titles added to the list of compatible games.

One thing is for sure, everyone will be watching tonight to see what Sony has to offer. They are in a position they haven’t been in this current generation of console gaming, but everyone knows to never count Sony out. It will be a great show and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for tonight’s event.

PS4 Pro vs PS4: Should You Upgrade?

Sony launched two new versions of the PS4 in 2016. The PS4 Pro represents a more powerful unit that delivers better performance and capable of near 4K gaming and HDR.


The other new console known as the PS4 Slim offers the same basic functionality as the launch model but is sleeker and refined for both performance and efficiency.

Here are some of the biggest questions asked when comparing the PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim:

  • Is the PS4 Pro more powerful?
  • Is there a graphic difference?
  • Is a 4K HDR TV worth it?
  • Does the PS4 Pro work better with PlayStation VR?

The simple and quickest answer if you already have a 4K TV is: Yes…to all of them. The graphics processor (GPU) in the PS4 Pro is just over two times as powerful as that in the PS4. The Pro also has an upgraded processor, which handles things like physics and artificial intelligence in games. The new PS4 Pro runs at 4.2 teraflops, compared to the 1.84 teraflops of the original PS4.

Although the PS4 Pro has the same amount of memory as the original PS4 – 8GB GDDR5 – it runs at a higher speed to improve performance and has an extra 1GB of memory for non-gaming applications, like Netflix and Amazon.

Developers can use the extra power and improve the quality of textures and lighting effects, leading to more realistic graphics and smoother performance with fewer slowdowns. All the PS4 games will work on the Pro, and of course vice-versa. So, no one is left behind no matter which system you decide to buy.

Take Horizon Zero Dawn, the graphics, and lighting difference between the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro when playing on a 4K TV with HDR is jaw dropping. The Pro’s environment is much more colorful, such as extra plants, grass, and vines. The PS4 Slim still looks great, but after we played on the Slim first for ten hours, and then the Pro for ten hours, it was almost impossible to go back to the Slim.


But, I’ve heard that the PS4 Pro won’t run games in full 4K? Well, that is technically true. Some games will run at a native 4K Ultra HD resolution which is 3,840 by 2,160 lines pixels, but the most demanding games won’t. Many games will run at a resolution close to 4K, and then be upscaled to 4K.

If you don’t already have a PS4 then strongly consider getting the Pro. If you already have a PS4 and a 1080p TV and don’t plan on going 4K right now, then I wouldn’t suggest upgrading until you add 4K to your arsenal. But, if you have a 4K TV (hopefully with HDR) and you want to play games at the very best level offered on PlayStation, the PS4 Pro is worth the investment.

The only downside to the Pro is that for whatever reason (and I’m assuming for cost issues) they didn’t add a 4K HD player. So, if you have some 4K movie titles you’re wanting to watch on your shiny new PS4 Pro, sadly, it’s not going to happen. But, as far as gaming goes, the graphics and lighting are worth going with the Pro.

I spend a lot of time just looking around at the lighting and detail when I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and I think I’m better off for it…I’m not sure how, but that’s what I tell myself anyway.

So Who Takes First Controller?

Here’s a question that still comes up at times when you’re playing with a friend on the same system…”So, who takes first controller?”


Let’s start with the basics, whoever owns the system, gets first controller…ALWAYS. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But, they told me that I could be first controller.” Short Answer: Stop being a Noob, they were just being nice.

One of my brothers used to come over a lot and we’d play a lot of video games…I mean, a lot of video games. We never had this question come up because it’s just an unwritten rule…like, if you pour a lot of milk in your Lucky Charms and then realize your wife doesn’t have enough to eat her healthy cereal, you just add water to the jug before she gets up…don’t judge me.

But, what about when you invite your friend over to play a split-screen game and while you’re setting things up and turn around, you see it…they have your precious…that part of you that knows every dark secret you have…your most coveted item in the house (sorry kids), the master of disaster, first-controller. I know half of you just passed out at the very thought of it…I’ll give you a second or two……and we’re back.

Two Male Friends In Pajamas Playing Video Game Together

What do you say in that nightmare? I have the perfect phrase for those situations, “Hey, can I see that a second?” When they give it to you just casually reach down and get ‘the backup’ controller (you know the one, it’s like that crazy cousin you only see twice a year on the holidays) and hand it to them. If you’re like me, and everyone should be, then you reach into the Dorito bag and grab the first chip you come to, and thump him/her in the head with it, just because.

Wars have started over things like this. Who doesn’t understand controller-etiquette? It’s not hard like it’s that last slice of pizza in the box when four of you look down and notice it…that’s a free for all, and anything goes. This is the first controller man, respect.

We shouldn’t even have to think about something so traumatic on a Wednesday. Life is too short to be second controller on your own system, don’t be a victim. I have like, a hundred other things I could say on this, and examples I could give, but just don’t be a Noob and pick up the first controller on a system you don’t own. And if you come to my house and do it, I always have a bag of Doritos handy…man, those things are like ninja throwing stars.



‘Fallout 4’ – Why I Keep Going Back After 350+ Hours

There are so many games I love going back to and only so many hours a day to play…I mean work, I totally meant work.


Fallout 4 is one game that never gets old, and even after 350+ hours, I’m still roaming the wastelands. Somehow, I’m still managing to open hidden secrets, securing another 350+ hours in my future with a game that never seems to end.

I know your question before you even ask it, “How could a game possibly have that much content?” I will answer your question with one of my own, “Have you never played a Bethesda game like this before?”

It’s the content that makes the world so amazing, and whether you choose to engage with it. You see a town with a couple of quest lines ahead, maybe I’ll talk to an NPC, and maybe I won’t…maybe I’ll trade some items, or, maybe get murdered along the way.


Fall Harbor is probably where I spend most of my time creeping around in the thick fog. This game is the ultimate for exploring and making you roam to find areas where danger and death is one Deathclaw away, or sometimes two or three.

Then, insert the Nuka-World DLC which is extremely awesome, and allows you to pick your path in how you dominate the world. I know this game has been out for a long time and most of you have beaten it and gone on to other adventures, but, don’t forget that Preston always has another settlement that needs your help…because he won’t.