There Is Still Nothing Out Like ‘Crysis’

Crysis is an FPS game and I’m still begging for a sequel…but much like my love of parachute pants…probably never will.


First off, I’m only discussing the first three games that were available on the Xbox 360. They were legendary…and some of the greatest first person shooters I ever played. The games brought something new to the table, and did I mention they were legendary?

The first game started off on Ling Shan, a chain of tropical islands in the North Pacific and stars a squad of elite US soldiers equipped with high-tech ‘Nanosuits’. Nanosuits are powerful and extremely versatile tactical combat armor. They grant the wearer superhuman abilities, like running super fast, destroying people with a single punch, and one of my favorites, turning invisible with ‘cloaking’. The villains are the North Koreans who have occupied an island and kidnapped a team of archaeologists who made a discovery that will “change the world.”

The game was tough but rewarding. The first Crysis game in the series released on Xbox 360 on October 4, 2011, and came as a downloadable ‘Arcade Game’. I had a 3D TV at the time and it was mind-blowingly awesome, and still one of the best 3D games I’ve ever played. Even though it had released on PC on November 16, 2007, and the graphics were a little weaker, it was still awesome.


The second and third games followed and even though the stories weren’t very in depth, the gameplay is where it excelled. I know it won’t happen, but a new storyline with current graphics on the upcoming Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 Pro would be epic. Crysis has stood the test of time, and if you want to try something new then you definitely have to play this series…but for now you will have to play it on the Xbox 360 because none of them are currently backward-compatible as of yet. And vote yes on bringing back parachute pants…I’ve used this before…but it still fits.

There’s A Good Market For The New Xbox One X

Despite what some people are saying about Microsoft’s new Xbox One X, there are gamers that are willing to pay for the huge upgrade in both power and graphics, and I am definitely one of them.


I know what you’re thinking, “He’s an Xbox Fan Boy, so no surprise.” I personally review and own both the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro, so let’s just stop all that before it starts. I cover both systems and everytime a new console comes out the ‘opposite side’ starts screaming the same tired thing again, and again…and…you get the point.

I can’t imagine anyone ever saying that if a newer, more powerful console came out that they wouldn’t at least want to get it. When a new iPhone or Droid phone comes out no one ever thinks twice about upgrading the first chance they get, so why be so hard on gaming upgrades?

A lot of players bought the original Xbox One or Xbox One S and won’t be upgrading to the new $500 console anytime soon, and Microsoft knows it. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox operations, said in a recent interview with Business Insider:

“We’re gonna sell more Xbox One S consoles next year than we will Xbox One X,” he said.

Despite that, Microsoft is pretty certain there’s a good market for its new Xbox One X game machine, even with its higher price point. l have been waiting for this and will pre-order one as soon as that is an option…yes, I just checked…again…still no…guilty, I just checked again.

To be fair, many PlayStation gamers haven’t jumped onto the new PS4 Pro train right away as well.  But, players with 4K TV’s that are wanting to play games at the very best level that they can on that platform have…and again…guilty.

The new upcoming Microsoft console is capable of outputting games in true 4K resolution, offering gamers a premium experience. The company won’t even be making any money from selling the Xbox One X, due to the price of the components to provide that kind of graphics.

The bottom line, if you have the extra cash to spend and have a 4K TV, then why wouldn’t you want the Xbox One X or the PS4 Pro? Who plays video games and ever says, “Wow, I don’t care about graphics and power when it comes to my console.” Short answer: No gamer-ever.

Only time will tell how the new console will sell. But, for the first time ever in this current-gen, the Xbox is pulling ahead as far as graphic and power. The line up of games they have looks amazing and run in true 4K (on the games made for 4K).

Anyone calling out predictions of the console failing before it’s even available for sale should probably stick to just reporting the facts. I gotta run, I’m still exploring every inch of Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s just the right thing to do.



All You Need Is A Game Console And A Campfire…

There are few things a gamer needs in their life, whatever console you prefer to play on, Doritos, Diet Coke, and a campfire…and one of those you can’t technically take with you.


In this mediocre graphics world that I’m told we live in, I find there are rules that apply that I still don’t quite understand. Let’s go with one of those that bugs me the most…no fast-travel. I’m sorry, what?

I know we aren’t allowed to do certain things in real life, like jump on the hood of a car and run across them like in Grand Theft Auto. I’m also told I’m not allowed to fly through the air without being in an actual airplane or drive a Warthog while taking on the Covenant. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the Matrix and everyone else has taken the ‘red pill’…and in this scenario, I actually like the ‘blue pill’.

When we’re driving in Fort Worth (in Texas you may have heard of it) traffic and distance can really work against you. Don’t these people know that we have games to review, videos to edit, and possibly…work to do? I have more than once wished to see those sweet embers of flames from Dark Souls…like when I’m waiting to check out at Wal-Mart, or sometimes at a family Thanksgiving…don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.


Campfires have seen their way into several games for fast travel or saving spots, like Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn, and the list continues to grow. I don’t know if campfires will ever see their way into this ‘red pill’ world but if I ever get one, I know I want it with Bluetooth…because everything is better with Bluetooth.

I Can’t Add Things To My Inventory In Real Life?…Worst Game Ever…

Every gamer knows their inventory is an important part of…well, you just want to grab anything you can…of stuff you will never use…and most of it is worthless…but, we all still do it.


It’s a curse that cannot be broken, the items are literally worth nothing. Who keeps ragged clothes worth zero money? But, I hang on to it until I start running out of space, which for me, is always faster than a hoarder on Christmas.

In games like Skyrim, you must be careful. You’ll start grabbing things at lightning fast speed and then, they slip one item in the middle marked, ‘steal.’ Steal? I raise up out of my chair and scream, “NOOOOOOO!” But it’s too late, it’s been added to your inventory and you have now become public enemy number one, Skyrim’s Most Wanted.

So, I wondered to myself, “Self? What would happen if you did that in real life?” Let me just say, I’ll be writing about the results when I make bail. Not really…they let me off with just a warning. Ok, so I haven’t actually tried it…but what if you did?

The next time we go to someone’s house, I’m taking a large sack with me. I think at some point, I’ll just start adding small things to the sack until they stop me. I’ll explain that I’m just trying to make a health potion and just needed a few items…yeah…they love us coming over.

If I know one thing games have taught us, it’s that you can go into almost any random house once you saved their lost goat, or found the family spear that was stolen, and then just, take pretty much anything you want. Do you ever feel bad that you did something for these people who are usually bad off money wise, and then took their life savings and everything they had worth anything for your inventory?

I really struggle to do that because I always play the ‘good guy.’ I just saved your town from a huge fire-breathing dragon, and now you all owe me half of everything you have…hello, you have just now become “Negan.”

I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and try this. I will do it as a ‘controlled experiment’ and write an article on the results. I mean, you can do it in games, why can’t you at least try it in real life? That’s the legal argument I’ll plea anyway.

Everyone knows that games are just an extension of real life. Ok, my wife is now telling me that it’s not actually a true statement. I disagree, like when she tells me that the graphics outside are better than our 4K TV. Ha, can you imagine that? Outside is better than 4K? She’s behind me now, isn’t she?

What Do You Mean I Can’t Fast-Travel In Real Life?

I was at an electronic store recently, and I won’t name which one it was (OK, it was Best Buy), picking up a new video game and kind of in a hurry. As I was making my way to the long line to check out it hit me…I just need to figure out a way to ‘Fast-Travel.’


In huge games like Skyrim and Fallout, they all have one thing in common…well, besides the fact that they are both Bethesda games, so two…they have two things in common, they are both Bethesda games, and the second is, they allow players to ‘fast-travel.’

When you have a limited amount of time to play and need to get to that new area, it’s always on the other side of the map. That’s when ‘fast-travel’ becomes the player’s best friend. We all know by doing it you’ll skip out on hidden missions and countless enemy encounters, but it does save time. My thinking is, I want to buy that option for my quests.

Think about it, if I need to go to the doctor, and then pick up some groceries, visit with Best Buy and Gamestop, and then on to eating and spilling things on my MacBook while typing out the latest game review, and then actually starting the new beta for the next game review…I take a breath and look at the clock…it’s midnight.

But what if I could ‘fast-travel?’ I pull up my ‘bonfire app’ on the iPhone and give it a swipe, suddenly I’m at the doctor office. I get that nasty rash that I swear wasn’t that big yesterday looked at. I’m done with that, and out comes the iPhone, the bonfire, I swipe, and I’m at Kroger, picking up my tree hugger soy milk and my wife’s utterly half-gallon milk.

Then, out comes the trusty iPhone, bonfire, swipe, and I’m at Best Buy talking to the gaming department and checking out the games. You know what’s coming next, iPhone, bonfire, swipe, and I’m at Gamestop, talking to the 60-year-old hippie (which is an awesome guy by the way) about the posters they have up and gaming news, to how his kids still live at home…and now he wants a fast-travel.


I look at the time and it’s just noon, so iPhone, bonfire, swipe, and I’m eating my favorite fajitas at Uncle Julio’s (best fajitas in Texas, you can Google it). Now, I guess I should do some actual work, so iPhone, bonfire, swipe, and I’m in front of my MacBook. I do the whole article thing while drinking some coffee, and then it’s on to the gaming platforms.

When I finally stop for another coffee break (you must love Starbuck’s coffee and a Keurig) I notice it’s 5:30 pm. What the?…you mean I could actually spend time with the wife and catch up on TV?…which is code for more Battlefield 1, but this time, it’s to relax (Honey, if you’re reading this then I was totally joking, and if not, Timmy I’m on in five)…. Now I look up and it’s still midnight, but this time, I feel like I accomplished something.


Now we come to the million-dollar question…What shop vendor sells it in this altered reality some call life? I mean, sure, the graphics are decent, and the first-person perspective is spot on, but I can’t find a bonfire anywhere. The guys at Best Buy laughed when I asked them about it, and then we all talked for fifteen minutes about how cool it would be if they had one. By the time I left they were all talking about it, but, no one had any solid info on where I could buy one.

So, I will keep searching in my quest to find the ever-evading bonfire. It shall be mine…it will be ‘my precious.’ OK, what about that Thanksgiving with the family when everyone got upset over who ate the last turkey leg?…and we didn’t even have a turkey that year…iPhone, bonfire, swipe, and you’re on the beach. You must admit, it has merit. My quest continues, and it shall be glorious…Praise the sun!



QuakeCon 2017 Has Moved This Year To The Gaylord Texan Resort


QuakeCon returns for its 22nd installment in Dallas this year and has moved to the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. The four-day event kicks off on August 24 and runs until August 27.

QuakeCon is an event that celebrates games and the people who play them. It’s held for only 4 days out of the year and–it–is-epic!  Gamers come from all over to compete and play on a world-class network and also has North America’s largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party.

It’s open to the public and admission is free, that’s right, free. It is the biggest gaming event of the year, and as a Texan, I will remind you…everything is bigger in Texas…you can Google it. QuakeCon also provides news, announcements, and features for upcoming Bethesda titles. I can’t stress enough how epic this event is, and Bethesda outdoes themselves every year.

They have a wide range of activities, panels, tournaments, workshops and exhibits, and the picture opportunities as a fan, or contributor, are just mind blowing. Pick up some free swag from some vendors while it lasts, and have almost anything fan-based a gamer would want to buy…t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and…you get the point.

img_0755 copy

(Our Picture from 2016 QuakeCon)

id Software usually shows its in-progress games, as well as Bethesda showing off some of their published titles. QuakeCon first started in 1996 and if you’ve never been, then stop what you’re doing and start planning your vacation days now…no, seriously stop what you’re doing…you’re killing me here.