Horizon Zero Dawn’s ‘The Frozen Wilds’ Expansion Looks Amazing

If you can’t get enough of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and somehow managed to not catch up on E3 yet, then your day is about to get a whole lot-of-awesome. The game will get its first DLC called ‘The Frozen Wilds‘ and it looks beautiful.


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of this year’s biggest games, and easily the best-looking title Guerrilla Games has ever produced. The story is beyond epic and now with the new DLC announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds at E3, players can once again take on new enemies and challenges in the frigid winter setting.

You can pre-order the DLC on the PlayStation Network now for $14.99 (with a PlayStation Plus Membership), a savings of 25% and guarantees that you will be ready to start your new adventure on day one of its release.

This is one of the few titles where as long as they keep making DLC’s, then I’ll keep on buying them. It really is an amazing game, and not like when I told my brother his brisket was amazing…no, I actually mean this. And, if my brother is reading this, then the voices in my head made me say that…no, it was just the brisket.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Has An Epic Story

If you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn yet then first off…what? Secondly, the story is really epic and has become one of my favorite games of the year.


You’ll take on the role of Aloy, a skilled hunter as she explores a challenging and dangerous world full of mechanized creatures. The story develops as it goes along and I’m really enjoying it.

It has a little of everything and the exploration and gameplay are addicting. In this world full of machines that dominate the huge open world, the one reoccurring question I kept asking was, “What happened to the civilization that was here before?”

On our PS4 Slim, that’s hooked up to our Super UHD 4K HDR Smart Led TV, it’s just jaw dropping beautiful. HDR is such a huge factor when you are looking for a new 4K TV, you’re welcome.


There are a lot of games I think that look amazing, but so far, this one tops our chart and has us constantly stopping and saying, “Wow, this looks amazing”…and it’s always followed up by, “I know, right?” The foundation of the combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is built upon the speed and cunningness of Aloy versus the raw strength and size of the machines. If you charge into a fight without planning out what you need to use, you’ll get flashbacks of Dark Souls quick and in a hurry.

When you’re not fighting and riding robot dinosaurs, it also puts a major emphasis on its narrative. Set in a world that is a post-post-apocalypse, the story follows members of different tribes in a world in which they are not the dominant species. Aloy doesn’t have to watch out for just terminator-style tech dinosaurs, much like in the Walking Dead series, the living can be just as dangerous.

The RPG playstyle is simple to figure out to anyone who has played one, and even if you haven’t, has a tutorial that shows you all the ropes and how to use and choose your weapons of choice.

The game also contains 10 hours of Mass Effect-style interactive dialogue and players can choose Aloy’s responses in the conversation. The game does only have one ending regardless of how you choose your responses, so no pressure there. I can’t really go into any more detail about the story without risking some spoilers, but the further it goes the more I really enjoyed it and playing the character.

If you’re looking for something new to play on your PS4 this weekend and haven’t been on planet earth and heard of this game yet, give Horizon Zero Dawn a try. I always set out with planning to wander the world for an hour or so, which means it turns into three…or four…Ok, it’s five. Have a great weekend and remember to eat some tacos and use your fire arrows…like…a lot.