Happy Father’s Day To All Video Game Dads

Most people probably have an idea of what they’re doing for their dads this Father’s Day, and if not, surprise!…it’s Father’s Day! It’s our yearly Father’s Day Edition, so enjoy!


My wife tops herself every year when it comes to spoiling me on Father’s Day.  She always knows the perfect gift to get me, plus, I do make things easier being a Gamer/Geek…I mean, they have ThinkGeek 30 minutes from us so, I mean, come on.

My Dad on the other hand absolutely hates video games, and that’s OK. Let’s all take a few seconds to let that sink in….OK, and…we’re back. We all have our likes and dislikes (I hate tomatoes, but love hot sauce and pico…go figure). My middle brother Mike prefers FPS games…and my little brother Jon likes games on the Nintendo and 3DS. My wife likes games on pretty much any platform, and surprisingly enjoys VR (the girl who can’t look at her iPhone when the car is moving because it makes her nauseous).

Because my Dad isn’t a fan of video games, I can’t just run to the closest GameStop and buy him a game for his Father’s Day present. I really wish I could get him to try some of the RPG games because I really love the adventures. Let’s face it, when you get older you don’t go out and search for dragons anymore, and you leave the zombie killing to a younger crowd…said no gamer ever (I may have used that before, but it still fits).


For Father’s Day, we all need to take a second and really appreciate what our dads did for us. They kept us safe when the dragons attacked…or we kicked a chicken…which is the worst thing you can do when you enter a village in an RPG. I mean, you can take everything they own, but don’t kick a chicken, because everyone loses their minds.

They kept us fed and full, and always made sure no one ‘stole our sweet-roll.’ My Dad would occasionally bring us donuts from road trips and they were awesome.


My point being, even though my dad hates video games, and I mean, really hates video games…He is still a great guy who loves his kids, and enjoys playing with his grandkids, and lights up when they come around, like I do when I see mine. Being a dad is the greatest ‘achievement’ I’ve ever gotten. It’s cross-platform, and the game never ends…you just get free DLC’s as time goes on…Happy Father’s Day Dad…who will probably never read this so we did send you a card…just saying…




Author: Gary Cadle

Christian, Writer, Video Game News and Opinion 🎮 with DualShock Gaming, Covering the DFW area. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and she is every good part of me. I’m a Granddad x 4 and life is…pretty awesome. I’m working on my book and could get more done if I would actually stop playing video games…but come on…I mean…really?

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