Are You Buying ‘Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind?’ Yes, You Are…

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is releasing June 6th, 2017 on Xbox One and the PS4. Maybe you are even thinking of skipping this chapter because you have played ESOL to death…I mean, come on…you’re better than that.


First off, I’m really excited that it’s less than 24 hours until it releases. My adventure will begin just before my birthday so thanks for the early present, it’s just what I wanted.

Secondly, I tend to get ‘lost’ whenever I play games like Fallout, Skyrim, and of course ESOL. These games are huge and I can’t leave an area unexplored, or a side-quest along the way showing pending, yeah, it’s a problem.

There are a lot of new features coming in TESO’s new chapter, including an epic story in a massive explorable region, a new pet-based Warden class, 12-player Trial, and 4v4v4 battlegrounds. The story is set 700 years before The Elder Scrolls III and focuses on helping the deity-king Vivec regain his powers and derail a major disaster.


Morrowind has a fresh newer look than what we’ve seen previously in the game. They have really done a great job adding new textures, creatures, NPCs, and environments. If you think this is just a DLC, then you’re wrong, like my wife tells me whenever I start talking about bringing back parachute pants…I may have used this before, but it still fits.

ZeniMax and Bethesda’s MMORPG will not disappoint fans if you already love ESOL, but if you weren’t a fan of the original game, there may not be enough here to change your mind. And vote yes on bringing back parachute pants…it’s just the right thing to do.

Author: Gary Cadle

Christian, Writer, Video Game News and Opinion 🎮 with DualShock Gaming, Covering the DFW area. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and she is every good part of me. I’m a Granddad x 4 and life is…pretty awesome. I’m working on my book and could get more done if I would actually stop playing video games…but come on…I mean…really?

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